About Us

When your son/daughter is ready to start their driving experience it is one of the most important decisions that you make concerning your family’s safety and security. When your teen grips the steering wheel of your family car they hold in their hands every occupants dreams, aspirations, and goals – everything they are and will be. The ability of your teen to make quick, good decisions is imperative to everyone’s safety.

At 906 DRIVE, we understand what is at stake. Your teen will not only learn everything they need to be an effective driver but s/he will also practice driving behaviors and skills that will equip them to be safer on the road.

was born and raised in this area and is a proud Yooper. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Business from West Virginia University. Returning to the area, she married her husband Bob and is very active with her three teenage boys. For the past 23 years, Lisa has spent her entire career working/advocating for kids in the local courts, schools and Department of Human Services.

She has an absolute passion for working with kids which is evident by her extensive involvement in her community. Because of her own children, Lisa is motivated to provide a service where special attention is given to each student and parents are equipped with resources and knowledge.

This is an important time for teen-agers and parents — why not entrust your child to a provider who has a proven career and passion for working with kids.

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