This is why I started a driver’s education program


It was the first week of summer vacation and my middle teenage son called from the park. He was out of breath, excitement filled the air, and he said without missing a beat, “Mom, everyone is going to so-and so’s house for a big sleep-over….can I go?”

In my mom matter-of-fact tone I said, “Well, how do you plan on getting there?”

With less patience he began to explain that he and his 4 buddies were all going to jump into their friend’s car and drive there.

Knowing the driver’s age I said, “Sorry buddy, but you know he has a graduated driver’s license and is only allowed to have one friend in the car.”

Quickly my son blew out a long breath and squeaked, “But mom, EVERYONE ELSE IS GOING! Come on, please?”

I stood firm with my decision and had to pick up a VERY angry, sulking son from the park’s tennis courts.

It was at that moment my mission was clearly defined….as a DRIVER’S ED INSTRUCTOR you need to educate these parents so that our kids and our community becomes safer! I am constantly hearing from parents that they do not know when their sons/daughters are allowed to drive. Is there a limit to when, where and who they can drive with?

Because we live in a state that has adopted the LIFE-SAVING Graduated License Program, yes, there are criteria with each step. AND — as a concerned parent, as a concerned community-member, it is my goal to provide information and knowledge about driving laws so as to insure our kids and community will be safe!

This is my mission, my passion, which steers 906 DRIVE’s programming.