Segment 1

Our Segment 1 class is the first step you’ll take to getting your Driver’s License. In four weeks’ time you will participate in a combination of classroom theory and behind-the-wheel instruction. Using Michigan’s most up-to-date curriculum, classes are taught with an interactive teaching style to maximize classroom participation. For everyone’s safety, the licensed instructor’s vehicle is fully equipped with a dual-brake control and is fully insured. As mandated by the State of Michigan, Segment 1 consists of twelve two hour classes and six hours of behind-the-wheel training.

1. Students must be 14 years 8 months of age by the first date of class.
2. Students must pass a vision test and have visual acuity of at least 20/40 corrected vision for an unrestricted license.
3. Students must provide a birth certificate so we can verify their birth date.

Prior to the beginning of each Segment 1 class, 906 DRIVE hosts a Parent-Student Meeting. In order to make our community safe, all of its’ members need to have knowledge and an understanding of Michigan’s Graduated Driver’s License. It is 906 DRIVE’s mission to educate and empower both students and parents alike. Class schedules, expectations and policies will addressed.

Our Segment 1 classes consist of 24 hours of classroom instruction (12 classes); each class is 2 hours long.

Our behind-the-wheel hours are separate from the classroom hours. There will be 6 two-hour drive times (one hour driving and one hour observing).

Drive 1: “Developing Basic Driver Actions” which include: Pre-entry safety checks, pre-ignition procedures, gauges orientation, low traffic, backing straight, braking, accelerating and turning.

Drive 2: “Two Lane Roads” which include: Visual search, reading signs, pavement markings, rural turn-a-rounds, 3 point turn, angled, perpendicular parallel parking.

Drive 3: “Driving in Traffic/Intersections” including: lane changes, blind spots, left/right turns at traffic lights.

Drive 4: “Downtown Drive” including: one way streets, pedestrian crossings, round-a-bout

Drive 5: “Freeway Driving” including: merging, exiting ramps, cruise control, space management, hill parking

Drive 6: “Evaluation” where we put all of the above into a one-hour evaluation drive. Strengths/weaknesses shared as a way to guide parents.

1. The cost of the class is $375.
2. Deposit to secure spot is $100. The remaining $275 should be paid in full by the first day of class.

Students are allowed to miss a maximum of a two hour session (one class). Classes missed must be completed on the given make-up date per State rule. If a student misses more than four hours they will be dropped from the class and reimbursed for the remainder of the class at the contracted rate.


  • Introduction to your car and the rules of the road
  • Traffic Control Devices (Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings)
  • Preliminary drive procedures, pre-entry checks and pre-ignition procedures
  • Interacting with the Road Users including Emergency Vehicles and Work Zones
  • Overview of the Highway Transportation System
  • Seatbelt, Airbag, and other Safety Technology
  • Driver Operational Tasks
  • Vision and Space Management
  • Adverse Driving Conditions
  • Insurance, Vehicle Maintenance, and Purchasing a Vehicle
  • Managing Risk
  • Parking, Three Point Turns, and Reversing
  • Highway Driving and Lane Changing
  • Vehicle Malfunctions
  • Michigan Laws for Traveling with Minors in the Vehicle
  • Road Rage and Aggressive Driving
  • Effects and Dangers of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Behind the Wheel

A written test provided by the State of Michigan consisting of 80 questions must be completed with a passing score of 80%. Students may retake the exam, once, in order to achieve a passing grade.

Students will be issued a Segment 1 card that they will bring to the Secretary Of State to receive their Level 1 license. It is at this time that students practice driving and must accumulate 50 hours of supervised behind the wheel driving Students must have the Level 1 license for a minimum of 6 months in order to get their Level 2 license after age 16