Pink Slip


The “Parent Pink Slip” is given to your son/daughter after 5 classes and 2 hours of drive time. This permit allows students to drive only with their parent throughout their Segment 1 Driver’s Ed class.

I’ve included the below information for you:

QUALIFICATIONS: Your son/daughter has completed 10 hours of classroom and 2 hours of behind-the wheel instruction and, accordingly, has been issued a temporary driver education certificate (Parent Driving Permit) furnished by the Secretary of State.

A PINK SLIP AUTHORIZES: The permit authorizes a student to drive a motor vehicle, other than a vehicle requiring a motorcycle or commercial motor vehicle endorsement, wheen accompanied by a licensed parent or guardian, or when accompanied by a non-licensed parent or guardian and a licensed adult for the purpose of receiving additional instruction until the end of the student’s driver education course.

A PINK SLIP DOES NOT AUTHORIZE: This permit does not offer the option of a parent designating another adult to give the driving time to the student. The permit can only be used when the student is accompanied by a licensed parent or legal guardian, or accompanied by BOTH a non-licensed parent or legal guardian and a licensed adult. Also, note that your son/daughter must meet the physical requirements specified by law for the operation of amotor vehicle.

PURPOSE OF THE PINK SLIP: The purpose of the permit is to allow reinforcement of the instruction your son/daughter has already received; the student should not be attempting a driving task that has not been previously introduced to them in driver education.

INSURANCE: It is advisable for you to contact your insurance company to see if your son/daughter needs to be added to your policy prior to using the permit.

A PINK SLIP IS VALID FOR: The permit is valid as long as the student is enrolled in a driver education class. Once the student’s Segment 1 instruction is completed or the student leaves the class and the behind-the-wheel portion, the permit is expired.