Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation is held to help parents better understand the drivers education program provided by 906 Drive. We will meet with parents and the student drivers to go over the following subjects:


1. Introduction-support your teen/son/daughter-web site, office number, cell phone


2. Forms to fill out

  • Registration Form ($, birth certificate)
  • Student Contract
  • Parent Waiver Form for Behind-the-Wheel Instruction


3. Class Content/Expectations

  • Attendance & Cell Phone Policy
  • Overview of Classes/Drive Objectives/Guest Speakers Vision screens/Homework
  • Drive Time/Missed drive time policy


4. Graduated License-video PINK (PARENT) PERMIT-after 4 hours of class instruction in Segment 1

  • a. Segment 1 – Green Permit (Certificate of Completion)-completion of 24 hrs. class, 6 hours of BTW, 4 hours of observation, 70% on state test
  • b. Segment 2-requirements include completion of Sg. 1-held valid Level 1 license for not less than 3 cont. mos.-has acquired 28 hours min. driving experience


5. Questions/Wrap-up