906 Drive Program


906’s Training Philosophy: Hear it – See it – Do it

Being a safe driver means being confident, well equipped with defensive driving skills, and having a good working knowledge of the rules of the road. 906 DRIVE is a program that incorporates audible, visual, and tactile methods of instruction.


Providing Excellence in Driver’s Education

At 906 DRIVE, we make it a priority to provide the best instruction by being certified in Driver’s Education by the state of Michigan with FBI background checks and physical exams. 906 DRIVE is professional, caring, and experienced in giving students the personal attention and confidence needed to develop good, safe driving techniques. 906 DRIVE will work to ensure that ALL of our students will succeed and have a positive experience in driver’s education.


906 DRIVE’s Distinguishable Difference

  • PURPOSEFUL SMALL CLASS SIZE -allows for more individualized attention with each student
  • COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS-instructor provides feedback on student’s performance
  • CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR has over 25 years of service to our area youth. State certified, licensed and insured
  • STATE REPRESENTATIVE ON MDTSEA BOARD-newly elected. Owner represents region 1 in legislative matters pertaining to driver’s education improvements

GUEST SPEAKERS are a part of this curriculum! From public safety officers to Truck Driving Instructors, or even State Drive Testers, students will meet our community’s stake-holders in the licensure world and understand the privilege and responsibilities related to obtaining their license.

*From Renee (a student):

“I found it very informative when the Road Tester guest speaker told us how to prepare for the road test. Sgt. Silverstone also gave us great answers to our questions.”

 *From Jesse (a student):

“I thought it was really cool being able to sit in the semi truck and being able to see….(laugh) not see all the blind spots that truckers are faced with.”

  • PARENT/STUDENT ORIENTATION before every Segment 1 class parents and students must attend this orientation. By design, this program is aimed at empowering both students/parents with all the information they will need to know about the class, and our state’s laws. Parents will become savvy about Michigan’s Graduated Licensure Program. No more wondering who, where or when your son/daughter can drive!
  • STATE APPROVED PURPOSEFUL DRIVES-the state mandates that your student receive 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and 4 hours of observation time and that is EXACTLY what they will get.  Each drive has stated objectives:


DRIVE 2: RURAL ROADS, HILLS, 4-ways, left & right turn-arounds, 3 point turn-arounds, parallel park


DRIVE 4: DOWNTOWN DRIVE angle park, identification of one-way streets, perpendicular, right curb and parallel park, round-a-bout and de-celeration lanes

DRIVE 5: HIGHWAY DRIVE deceleration and acceleration lanes, proper passing techniques and use of cruise control

DRIVE 6: CUMULATIVE DRIVE all objectives covered and student’s are given an evaluation of performance that parents will use