Segment 2 Contract — Rapid River

    Under 18 application & agreement for driver education and training
    Three 2 hour classes held in room A-101 in Rapid River High School

    Course will consist of 6 hours of classroom instruction and shall not exceed 2 hours of instruction per day.

    Segment 2 Course: $75 (Online payment,Cash or Check)
    Balance Due: first class
    Material Costs: Replacement Segment 2 Completion Certificate (if lost): $5.00
    Refunds: No refunds will be offered for Segment 2, all classes need to be made-up in another Segment 2 session.
    Missed class will be made up by attending the next session’s correlating class. IE) if you miss the 2nd class of Segment 2, then your make up class will occur on the 2nd class of the next offered Segment 2.
    Instruction is structured to offer the same material in each session by class.
    State Exam Re-issuance Fee: $30 (Should a student fail the state exam, a re-take fee will be charged).

    1. For a student to participate in Segment 2, verification must be received that the student has completed a minimum of 30 hours of driving (including 2 hours at night) with a licensed parent or guardian (or parent designee) on a level 1 license, which has been held for not less than 3 continuous months.
    2. State Test must be passed with a 70% or better. If minimum grade is not achieved, student will be allowed one re-take.

    This provider is required to be certified by the Secretary of State. If you have any complaint that cannot be settled with the provider, please complete the Driver Education Complaint form found on the Department of State website; Completion of driver education instruction does not guarantee qualification for a driver license.